What Does "Driving America" Mean?

The Kwik Fill / Red Apple convenience store chain is owned and operated by United Refining Company based in Warren, Pennsylvania. United Refining Company uses no overseas crude oil to produce its petroleum products. In fact, United Refining Company uses only 100% North American crude oil, and that oil is refined right here in Pennsylvania. When you buy United Refining Company gasoline at Kwik Fill, you can be assured that your money is not going overseas. This benefits 2300 Kwik Fill employees in NY, PA, and OH and the communities in which they, and you, live. By helping local businesses and economies, we keep jobs in America and keep America strong.

Our businesses... our families... and our future depend upon a strong America. Keep America strong... buy American-made gasoline at Kwik Fill.

Striving for Energy Independence from Overseas Oil

"Keep America strong... buy
American-made gasoline
at Kwik Fill."